Selective Dropbox sync for Ubuntu

  1. Find a good tutorial to setup the CLI Dropbox agent – This one is the most concise IMO
  2. Grab this
  3. ` exclude add` is the command you need

Say I’ve got 30+ directories in my dropbox but I only want “md”

  find -maxdepth 1 -type d | cut -b3 | grep -v md | xargs python md/ exclude add

That will add everything else to the exclusion list AND clean out the local Dropbox path for you. One point to note is that .dropbox-cache/ gets hoovered into the exclusion list, which is redundant and doesn’t appear to cause any harm.

I’ve increasingly been using Dropbox as a low-security transfer protocol ( critical things like ssh keys, password dictionaries, and certificates are handled separately ) and now with the selective sync it’s becoming fairly trivial to keep my horde of virtual servers both in house and running on AWS synced. One thing I’ve been trying out is using the autostart functionality to kick on when I login to a box. I am not sure but if Dropbox could kick on only when I am logged in would be fairly nice.