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The http CDN key value server of doom

I don’t believe I will be abusing this to much, but it struck me the other night that JSONP script payloads are in a sense key/value result sets.

In pseudo terms, “From server1 provide a document from store XYZ with params A,b,c to handler HandleJSONP”, then tying in a CDN and expiration headers to a time in the future, you’ve now got a mostly inexpensive mechanism for passing dynamic data separate of static Javascript.

In production, this has been working out well for 4 out of 5 cases in saving both my employer and our clients bandwidth & time ( static content can be nearly permacached to the CDN, inline proxy caches, and browser caches ), plus eventually paving the way for transitioning some of our client side code to go from synchronous to asynchronous… but that mostly depends on other service providers not screwing up the client side environment with post load document.write’s, hijacking core DOM methods, or doing a lot of meth before attempting to write semi-valid html.