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Follow up on Google API with service accounts and ruby

refer to the previous post on this subject

Using analytics.data.qa.get doesn’t work as desired, so instead you need to do something like:

visitCount = client.execute(analytics.to_h["analytics.data.ga.get"], {
                              :ids=>"ga:" + YOUR_PROFILE_NUMBER,
                              "start-date" => "2012-06-12",
                              "end-date" => "2012-07-01",
                              :metrics => "ga:visits"}

Note the part of using to_h[‘analytics.data.ga.get”] to get the right signature to pass onto the APIClient execute method. That will work and works well. To make it easier to formulate queries against GA, I’d recommend using Google’s query explorer tool here http://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/explorer/