Orthello – Atlas Data doesn’t populate

Slowly went batshit trying to figure this out.

There’s a fairly nice walk through on making 2d games with Unity3D but I ran into a weird problem. While trying to setup a SpriteAtlas, I could set the fields for Texture and Atlast Data, but nothing happened ( it’s supposed to populate the contents of the sprite atlas… but doesn’t).

The images below show the initial import of an Orthello SpriteAtlas, after dragging the Texture and atlas data to their appropriate spots, AND last bit occurred after I typed in an arbitrary number into the “size” field. After that the widgets internal logic kicked into gear and populated the atlas as desired.

Also, if reading just ain’t your thing OR you need a sanity check on getting started with Unity3D, this great video tutorial of making a 2D game was really helpful.