The US Federal government cannot be trusted.

This is my one and only political, totally off subject post, and it’s damn important.

In my youth I was a heavily proactive individual, when the bridges got washed out in my neighborhood I made up maps to help the wayward tourists find their way, I’ve donated my time to Habitat for humanity, built community parks, worked as a special need’s teacher’s assistant, volunteered for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential bid, and then I did a stint in the US military. To some extent I am disenfranchised with my government, specifically I think Capital Hill should be renamed Imperial Hill but at the same time the US democratic foundation isn’t completely dead yet.

After the attacks of 9/11, opportunistic and deeply self serving people set the US on a dead end course to destruction. One of the things done while the country was numb and fearful was deploy the Patriot Act, a bill purported to make America safer and prevent future terrorist attacks. The truth isn’t really close in how the Patriot Act has been used ( ), instead eroding constitution rights and making it easier for the greedy to ransack the country under the guise of national security.

For anyone naive enough to believe the latest anti-piracy internet bill won’t be abused, well I’d like to talk to you about a fantastic Real estate propspect for a bridge connecting Manhatten island. Please contact your representative ( if you are a US Citzen ). Those who sacrifice their freedom for security deserve neither.