Two startup’s for half the sleep!!!

This weekend I enrolled into Startup Weekend Denver #3 AND also started a personnel project for the LinkedIn Veteran’s hackday.

For SWDenver, the project is an penetration testing service. Thanks to my experiences with EC2, I’m relatively confident I can make it marginally profitable by implementing an intelligent booking/scheduling system and the power of twisted. At this point I’ve had a couple Venture Capitalist minions peak in on my team and they’ve walked with a gleam in their eye. Who knows?

For LinkedIn Vet’s day, I’ve been building a Veteran Events and Services national directory using Django and Mongodb. My goal is to run this as a charity/public service to my peers ( USAF Senior Airmen Dev Dave 2001-2005 IYAAYAS ). That said I’ve got the models done, view scaffolding is in place, working on setting up a UserAuth submission pipeline.

As it stands, looks like I will have the SaaS for SWDenver on its way out the door by tomorrow afternoon and the VetDay directory by Monday morning. Nice to flex my RockStar muscles and kick out a distributed SOA project and a national directory in the space of a weekend.

The mess that is the Veterans hack day project is here @ minus 6-7 pushes.