No more luck

A long time ago, in a distant state called Pennsylvania, I went and visited my Brother at his college. Upon my arrival I was invited as a guest to the local charity casino night. Give 10$ and get 1000 casino chips, most of the money went to charity so on purchase you couldn’t trade it back for money… so pretty much a no-stake gambling environment. Great.

At the beginning of the night, I bought my obligatory 1000 chips and started at the Roulette table. My first bet, I put 500 chips on odds and then let it roll. Bam, it lands on odds… so my 500 became 1000 or a total of 1500 chips. When the dealer motioned if I wanted to pull my winnings I shrugged and said “Let it ride” to which the dealer replied back with a shrug. BAM lands on odd again… I’ve now got 3000 chips, 2000 of which are on the table. This time I decided to take action and put all 3000 straight up on lucky 13. When the wheel finished, I walked away from the table laughing, a pillow case of chips over my shoulder.

From that day onward, I know statistically I should never EVER be able to win at any other game of chance. Which makes this whole memory somewhat unfortunate as it leads me think some days what if I had achieved such a statistical impossibility with real money? Of course sometimes it better to not luck out too much.