My client’s hate me

I’ve been using mdb-tools, a open source package for extracting Access MDB files, and entering whole new depths of
conceptual joy. Application two and three were written in ASP by a college student, they were stop gap measures meant to live for a year or so… Fast forward 9 years and my client’s hired me to “fix” this problem among others.

In 2004 I replaced a USAF MS Access program used by my squadron with a PHP5 app, now 2011 I feel like I’ve stepped into a time machine and back in the hell that is MS Access and legacy ASP.

   CREATE TABLE CredentialLog
	LogID			Integer, 
	StudentID			Text (100), 
	Cycle			Text (100), 
	AppTo			Text (100), 
	AppFor			Text (100), 
	DayPhone			Text (100), 
	Letter1			Text (100), 
	Letter2			Text (100), 
	Letter3			Text (100), 
	Letter4			Text (100), 
	Letter5			Text (100), 
	Letter6			Text (100), 
	Letter7			Text (100), 
	Letter8			Text (100), 
	Letter9			Text (100), 
	Letter10			Text (100), 
	Letter11			Text (100), 
	Letter12			Text (100), 
	Letter13			Text (100), 
	Letter14			Text (100), 
	Letter15			Text (100), 
	DateRec1			DATETIME, 
	DateRec2			DATETIME, 
	DateRec3			DATETIME, 
	DateRec4			DATETIME, 
	DateRec5			DATETIME, 
	DateRec6			DATETIME, 
	DateRec7			DATETIME, 
	DateRec8			DATETIME, 
	DateRec9			DATETIME, 
	DateRec10			DATETIME, 
	DateRec11			DATETIME, 
	DateRec12			DATETIME, 
	DateRec13			DATETIME, 
	DateRec14			DATETIME, 
	DateRec15			DATETIME, 
	DateSent1			DATETIME, 
	DateSent2			DATETIME, 
	DateSent3			DATETIME, 
	DateSent4			DATETIME, 
	DateSent5			DATETIME, 
	DateSent6			DATETIME, 
	DateSent7			DATETIME, 
	DateSent8			DATETIME, 
	DateSent9			DATETIME, 
	DateSent10			DATETIME, 
	DateSent11			DATETIME, 
	DateSent12			DATETIME, 
	DateSent13			DATETIME, 
	DateSent14			DATETIME, 
	DateSent15			DATETIME, 
	Initial1			Text (8), 
	Initial2			Text (8), 
	Initial3			Text (8), 
	Initial4			Text (8), 
	Initial5			Text (8), 
	Initial6			Text (8), 
	Initial7			Text (8), 
	Initial8			Text (8), 
	Initial9			Text (8), 
	Initial10			Text (8), 
	Initial11			Text (8), 
	Initial12			Text (8), 
	Initial13			Text (8), 
	Initial14			Text (8), 
	Initial15			Text (8)