One battle at a time and eventually win the war

One of my clients has a PHP5.1 environment that was originally configured by a band of rabid monkeys snorting meth. Finally got approval last week to clean slate everything. Unfortunately I’m still stuck with PHP5, but version 5.33 instead. Next hurdle was the other side of the department that is doing something completely unrelated to my side wanted to use Zend Framework. Honestly I was interested in spending some time with ZF but only as a resume bullet and thats not exactly right or fair to my client.

That said, it’s Doctrine 2 and Kohana 3, full speed ahead. In the grand scheme of things, its frustrating as hell to work with PHP5 when there is so many nice things out there like Python, C#, Ruby, and did I mention Python?

Lastly, kudo’s to Flynsarmy for doing the leg work to integrate the two major frameworks into one tidy little package.

Link to blog post ( download links is on there, should read this blog post as it explains how to install it, it’s free, and this guy or girl put in some quality work and deserves your 2-4 seconds of attention ) here

Better Doctrine 2 Module for Kohana 3