Ghetto dev. updating script

When writing maps/reduce functions for couch, its tedious to make a change, jump to the server console, push the code, then call the map/reduce via a web browser or curl. So I figured, cut at least 1 step out of the whole process and just page back and forth from the IDE to the browser while a tail of the couchdb error log spins by on a 2nd monitor.

import os
from os import path
import time
from stat import ST_MTIME
manifest = dict()
import subprocess

while 1:
    print "Scanning"
    for root , dirs, files in os.walk("./_design/"):
        for file in files:
            filepath = path.join(root,file)
            mtime = os.stat(filepath)[ST_MTIME]
            if not filepath in manifest:
                manifest[filepath] = mtime
                if mtime > manifest[filepath]:
                    print filepath, "is stale, updating."
          ["/usr/bin/python", ""] )
                    manifest[filepath] = mtime