Python & CouchDB

In my so far unnanounced pet-project to make a delicious clone, I’ve been experimenting with CouchDB. Initially I started with python-couchdb and it worked well for importing data from my delicious data export, but then things started
getting difficult. The major issue was how to install & use views, authenticating, and so on.

Being unhappy with python-couchdb, I decided to try out couchdbkit and the initial trials have been mostly positive on interfacing with the couchdb server. One of the more outstanding features is the ability to push a directory stucture of maps/views from the local filesystem to couchdb.

Given a path structure like:

  • _design/
    • databaseName/
      • views/
        • viewName/
          • map.js

CouchDBkit will push viewName to databaseName ( note I may not have this exactly right just yet ).

Will see how couchdbkit does for performance and more involved tests.