A DRY abomination

One of my habits when presented with a new framework/platform is to implement a problem I know like the back of my hand. Usually the user interface isn’t of concern so I haven’t done much to improve on the logic there. I decided to try something different with this implementation of Tic-Tac-Toe:

Given the following


I used the following logic to determine the coordinates from a user click

var clickHandler = function(e){
//Recieves a plan/jQuery managed event object                    
       var element = e.target;
       var parent  = element.parentNode;                    
       var x,y;
       //Below is fine for 0-9 scenario's but will need to be refactored for more
       //advanced/larger grids.
            y = element.classNames().detect(function(cls) { if( /y\d/.match(cls)){ return true; }})[1];
            x = parent.classNames().detect(function(cls) { if( /x\d/.match(cls)){ return true;}})[1];
         console.log("Coordinate " + x + "," + y);

The cool thing about this, is that with jQuery I can do jQuery(“#myTable tr.x2 td.y0”) and get the exact cell I am looking for… or even crazier stuff like:
“#myTable td.y0” to select vertically down a row
“#myTable tr.x0” to select horizontally.