Mission statement and introductions

This blog is dedicated specifically to the trials and tribulations of Pymetheus and what I learned/accomplished the along the way to it’s creation.  I won’t be going into much depth about the project with this post.

Otherwise, about me.  I began my trials with computers somewhere around the late 80’s with a Apple ||e personnel computer.  I wish I still had a copy of the first few scripts I wrote, but the more advanced of them was a simple alternating game loop structure.  In the initial state, the computer would randomly pick a number from 1-10 and the user had to guess it.  After 3 tries, the person would then pick a number in their head and the computer would pick 3 random numbers.   So input could be summarized in a regex like ( [0-9]{1}| [YyNn]{1}) and the whole deal was something I could do in a minute.  It’s kind of funny to think about because It took me a few days to get that working right.

After that, I didn’t do much programming but I did spend a considerable amount of time of trial and error time with computers, at one time landing myself a part time job at age 14-15 doing computer repair & support.   What got me back into the programming game was when i first played Quake’s demo and then later learned that you could modify the game logic api for free… you just had to learn c/c++.    So began a lovely adventure into the world of compiled strictly typed langues and pointers.   I actually miss that environment but its pretty rare for me to fire up gcc and build up binary exectuables

After that the rest of my life got kind of weird, i knew i wanted to be a professional programmer but a lot of things got in the way, the biggest one being the economy and the death of the web for a time.