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Return to canvas tag

Currently in between clients and waiting for the silent alpha of my delicious clone to wrap up….so its back to experiments with the canvas tag.

That means back to my unframework canvas library Ping. Some of the code still makes sense, but other bits are… well special. Currently there is an .ex object thats appended to the CanvasRenderingContext2D internal class and it works, but what I’m thinking of is re-working the code so that they’re added post-instantiation like a factory.

canvasMaker = function(elemId, options){
    var element = document.getElementById(elemId);
    var context = element.getContext("2d");
    //Here is where all the extension methods would be dynamically assigned to the 2d canvas instance
    wrappedContext = wrapContext(context);
    //Maybe add a singleton check around the bulk of this that keys on the elemId
    return wrappedContext;

The problem I’m trying to work around specifically is the need should ever arise to have n+1 managed tags on the same document. Currently there is so many hardwired references that it would be impossible to have the two cooperate without collisions and undesirable behavior.

Canvas tag: Collision detection & pixel decay

UPDATED: March 14, 2011 here

Continuing my tests/experiments with the Canvas tag has led to the Ping prototype. I had 3 minimal things I wanted to accomplish: Detecting the intersection of a 360 degree arc of ray/line segments to previously defined in map shapes; a visual decay/fade out of intersection points on the canvas, and lastly a test of performance. In addition I decided to experiment with another approach to Javascript object construction in the hopes of getting a performance gain.
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